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The snagging checklist from was the first snagging guide and the best. It has been available since 2004 and used by thousands of satisfied customers. Read on to find out how to get it for absolutely nothing. (terms and conditions apply)

The snagging checklist empowers you as a buyer of a new build property to carry out your own snagging inspection without the aid of a professional snagging inspector. It is written without the use of any technical language so that anybody can use it to carry out a snagging inspection. It enables you to do your snagging inspection in a logical fashion without requiring any specialist knowledge ensuring that snagging defects are identified as early as possible in the buying process. This is exactly what you want, especially if the snags can be listed and fixed before you move into the property.

If you can do this you wouldn't need to worry about arranging for workmen to access your new home, you wouldn't have to spend energy and time chasing the builder to get problems rectified and you could start to fully enjoy your new property without the normal stress associated with buying new.

However, this is not likely, but the snagging checklist will help you get partly there.

It is not cheap to hire a snagging inspector. Every week sees another snagging outfit coming to market, some with little experience and few qualifications. It is fair to say that armed with this snagging checklist you will be better equipped than some of these so called professionals.

If you are not very confident, you should use a reputable snagging service, such as the one provided by New Build Inspections Ltd.

There are other snagging guides and checklists available on the web, but if you want the original and the best snagging guide follow the instructions below.

Don't just take my word for it. This is what Alistar Munn said:

I'm sure that as a direct result of the format and thoroughness of your guide all my snaggings have been fixed or are in progress.

So I would recommend both your snagging list as an essential investment and also recommend Robertson Homes Ltd (Robertson Construction Ltd) for the speed of response and high level of customer service in fixing any snagging.

and Ann Marie:

found this excellent to use - I can be very pedantic about things at the best of times and there's no way I would have been able to successfully complete my snagging without the help of this really well laid out checklist.

It's very methodical and there was no issue telling my foreman i wanted access to my place for a few hours to be able to run through everything on my own.

The builders actioned everything on my list and didn't remark on any of it.

I'd highly recommend this to someone who wants to get fully involved in the purchase of their own home, you get a great sense of satisfaction.

Good luck to futures purchasers of this checklist!!

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